Quid Est Veritas?

Truth is not what it seems to be.  In order to be sure, one has to see the entire picture or narrative, which is unavailable.  What we read in newspapers, watch on TV, or perceive in the Internet is not necessarily true.  The phenomenon of fake news makes fools of many of us.  Doubt has become a virtue.

 Universal Declaration of Human RightsA 10-Mbps Internet speed was promised before upgrading my Globe broadband, and guess what is the actual speed.  From speedtest.net, present speed is 8.5 Mbps (49ms, 1.1 Mbps upload); and sometimes it's below 3 Mbps!  I heard in the news that President Duterte feigned an illness at least twice just to avoid eyeballing with US Pres. Obama.  What a childish stunt!

Truth is something good and positive; ally with it at all times.  Ultimately, as we struggle in life, we realize that God himself is the truth.  With patience, we'll know the veracity of things that come our way.  This is one reason why God prohibited us from judging others.  Respect all people at all times, even the obnoxious ones.  Just respect the universal human rights, at the least.

Truth is so obscure in these times, and falsehood so established, that, unless we love the truth, we cannot know it. (Blaise Pascal)

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