A New Beginning

It's been awhile, almost two years since my last entry, and perhaps it's about time that I write again, maybe like a New Year's resolution.  A lot has happened in the last two years, in the family—the loss of some loved ones; in the country—those vicious typhoons, earthquakes, floods, and even war.  We know the people who really help, and those that just blame others.

I recently visited the hospital (more than a month ago) for some nasty bowel problem (colitis), particularly at the Mother Teresa of Calcutta Medical Center in the provincial capital.  Even as a doctor, you never get used to being a patient.  I particularly remember being attended to by an anesthesiologist (I forgot the name of the lovely lady) one minute, and being in my room a few hours later.  Some lost time in the twilight zone!  I don't know if others share this experience, but it's a good feeling, and I'm not sure if what I remember were just dreams or the effect of anesthesia—a sense of well-being.  And I'm sorry for the atheist, but I felt God there!  Just to cut the story short, I got well and was discharged in a few days!  Of course I'd to take the home meds.

I thank the hard-working nurses there (I'm sorry I forgot the names), technicians, etc.  Of course I thank my doctors who didn't collect any professional fees (I don't want to make a mistake so they remain nameless for now), although my surgeon I remember (of course): Dr. Anton Lugue.  The other doctors were classmates to my little sister so I've to ask her again.

I specially thank my classmate from the UP College of Medicine, who helped a lot—a long lost Cabalen (noon ko lang nalaman na Capampangan pala), Gary Mercado.  He even traveled from Makati City just to see me!  We talked rarely in med school—sayang—anyway better late than never.

Of course, my immediate family is there as a safety net—thanks.  And God up above—he's there in the little things that happen, noticeable if you try to see things clearly.  So folks, don't take anything for granted, okay?

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